Welcome to Sharp Cleaning Corp.

An Interview with Herminio Gomes
President and Founder, Sharp Cleaning Corporation, Inc.

At 35, Herminio Gomes has spent nearly half his life in the cleaning business. From his start in janitorial service as a high school student in Marlborough, Mass., he moved his way up the management ladder, supervising first one building, then more. He eventually rose to director of operations for a large local commercial cleaning business. Today, he's the successful founder and president of Sharp Cleaning Corporation in Framingham, Mass.

Since its founding in January 2003, the company has grown to handle a variety of general office, manufacturing and clean rooms.

And the secret to his success?

"Satisfied customers," he says. "They tell their business colleagues, and I've grown through word of mouth. I can honestly say my customers are happy with the service my company provides."

It sounds so simple, but Gomes believes in finding out what his customers want and then giving it to them. His philosophy? "Do it right the first time." As a result, he says, "my clients feel my company really cares about them."

If you want to find Gomes, don't look in his office. He spends 95 percent of his time talking to clients. "In order to have a successful company I need to see my clients, speak with my employees, and spend much of my time in the field," he explains.

He equally values customer and employee communication. His close contact with employees is key for thorough training and reinforces the supervision his company provides.

"I demand a lot from my employees," he says, "but I treat them with respect. I believe it's important to give them the freedom to get their work done." If they see something that needs to be done, they are trained to take care of the problem.

His approach clearly works, as many families have several members who work for the company. "That's a good indicator of the trust they have in me and my company," he confirms.

The idea, says Gomes, is his clients won't even remember they have a cleaning company. "If they know my business will keep their offices clean, they can focus on what's really important - their own business success."