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Sample Cleaning Specifications

Cafeteria/Kitchenettes - Nightly

  1. Floor Tiles
    • Sweep entire area (including corners and edges)
    • Wet-mop entire area using spray buff solution in cafeteria
    • Spray buff tile floor (move all chairs where applicable)
    • Damp mop all kitchenette floors

  2. Trash (to include all mini-kitchens)
    • Empty all waste receptacles
    • Spot wash trash receptacles
    • Replace liners
    • Remove trash to designated area

  3. Thoroughly clean all tabletops
  4. Spot wash all cafeteria chairs
  5. Dust all horizontal/vertical surfaces, to include table and chairs legs
  6. Spot clean walls, doors, doorframes, kick plates, push plates, light switches
  7. Dust all vertical blinds
  8. Clean all appliances; refrigerators, stove, oven, coffee machine, vending machines, etc.
  9. Completely clean counter surfaces
  10. Wash coffee cups, plates etc. and put away
  11. Clean inside cabinetry when required -quarterly