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40 Southville Road Suite 100

Southborough, MA 01772



Sample Cleaning Specifications

General Office Area - Nightly

  1. Trash
    • Empty all waste receptacles
    • Replace liners as required
    • Remove trash to designated area
    • Empty recycling

  2. Dust all horizontal surfaces to include all wall hangings (excluding all desks)
  3. Dust all chair legs, rungs, baseboards, and ledges as needed
  4. Spot wash doors, walls, doorframes, kick plates, push plates and light switches
  5. Spot clean all systems furniture panels and partitions
  6. Carpet Areas
    • Vacuum all carpeted areas (including corners and edges)
    • Check for stains and spot clean when necessary
  7. Dust all vertical blinds

Twice per week

  1. Polish all furniture and desks (desks will only be cleaned if clear of all paperwork)